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TECNADE Selon 616ptfe

TECNADE Teflon PTFE Thread Sealant / Glue is your 100% solution to sealing threaded fittings.  Easier than thread tape, less messy than "red" type glues, and full resistance to all chemicals & petroleum products.

The product cures spontaneously and rapidly when confined in the absence of air between close metal surfaces with a small-medium gap fill.

The 616ptfe type is suitable for sealing metal threaded joints in accordance to international DIN standards, very popular with our customers doing fitment on industrial rubber hose and other pipe fittings.

Handling cure time: 10-15 minutes

Functional cure time: 3-6 hours

Full cure time: 12-24 hours

Temperature range: -50 to 150 Degrees Celcius

Available Tube Sizes:



Tecnade Selon 616ptfe 50ml.jpg
Tecnade Selon 616ptfe 250ml.jpg
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