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FORT VALE - Specialised Stainless Steel Valves & Tank Equipment

Fort Vale is known throughout the world as a manufacturer of quality, precision made stainless steel products and leads the way in innovation, design and safety whilst working closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that they manufacture the best product in its class every time.

The company goal is not only to be the preferred supplier of new OEM equipment but also the premier after-sales  supplier for spares. To this end Fort Vale has offices and stock in the UK, USA, Holland, Singapore, South Africa, China and Russia, as well as authorised distributors located around the world


Fort Vale owns self-sufficient manufacturing facilities, having total control over all manufacturing processes from foundry to testing. From initial research and development to the final product, Fort Vale can supply quality equipment, both standard and bespoke to meet with each client’s requirements. 

Fort Vale’s standard equipment portfolio includes: manways & hatches, airline valves, safety relief devices, top & bottom discharge valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, dry disconnect couplers and the associated ancillaries and fittings with rubber hoses.

Accreditation standards include ISO 9001:2008, IMDG, ADR, AAR, RID, ASME 'U' Stamp, PED Module D & H.

Industries: Tank Containers, Road Tankers, Rail tanks, Non-Refrigerated Liquefied Gas Tanks, Powder Tanks, Nuclear, API 1004 Fuel Transfer.

Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves

Ensuring tank air pressure & vacuum remains within a controlled range thus preventing tank explosion or implosion. 

Commonly used in the Road Tanker & Isotainer Tank markets, but also used on various other tank applications both in the industrial and marine environments.

65mm Super Maxi sectioned.jpg
80mm MKII internal gas relief valve burs
65mm Twinact pressure vacuum relief valv
65mm Twinact DIN pressure vacuum reilef
65mm Super Maxi pressure vacuum flanged
65mm Super Maxi pressure vacuum relief v
50mm Uniact pressure relief valve.jpg
20mm Steam pressure relief valve.jpg
25mm Minnow pressure relief valve.jpg

Discharge Valves

Designed for maximum safety and controlled discharge of liquid products on any tank based application.

The valves can be manufactured and assembled into a number of configurations including manual operated, pneumatic, heated as well as made in special materials upon request.

100 Pneumatic Cleanflow.jpg
80mm Cleanflow 30 deg footvalve.jpg
80mm Cleanflow 45 deg with butterfly val
80mm Cleanflow footvalve.jpg
80mm Uniflow 45 degree footvalve.jpg
80mm Univalve 45 degree footvalve.jpg
80mm Parkfield footvalve.jpg
100 Pneumatic Sealtyt.jpg


Fort Vale's range of stainless steel manlids are used in various applications throughout the petrochemical industry including tank farms, road tanker & isotainer applications.  All manlids are manufactured to EN14025 standards.  Neck rings available in Stainless steel as well as Carbon steel if requested.

We also offer custom manlid design in specialist steels such as Duplex and Molybdenum for specialist applications.  Certifications such as PED or ASME U stamp available on request for boiler and pressure vessal applications.

500mm Manlid quick release.jpg
Hydrogen Peroxide Manlid.jpg
300mm Low profile manlid.jpg
500 Manlid 3bar.jpg
500mm Manlid offshore.jpg

Butterfly & Ball Valves

With a wide range of precision made Butterfly & Ball Valves, Fort Vale is the top choice for tank owners when it comes to reliability, safety and serviceability.

Also available in alternative steel materials, pneumatically driven and special linings such as PTFE.

40mm Blacko airline ball valve.jpg
100mm TTMA butterfly valve.jpg
80mm Tank pro butterfly valve.jpg
80mm TW type butterfly valve.jpg
80mm Slotted Widdop butterfly valve.jpg
50mm Gas ball valve.jpg
40mm Blacko dual airline ball valve.jpg
80mm PFA lined ball valve.jpg
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