PIUSI Meters - Mechanical & Digital

Piusi's range of meters are used in basic liquid measuring applications mostly for Diesel, Petrol & Oil applications but can also be used on a range of other liquids.  There are various types of meter configurations namely Nutating Disk, Turbine and Oval Gear - each of these types are specific to a type of flow rate, pressure & accuracy so to assist we always suggest that our local technical staff assist you in making the correct choice for your application.

Options for Pulse Output, ATEX approval & Remote Displays are available - advise the sales consultant and they'll assist accordingly.

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Piusi K24 Diesel Meter.jpg
Piusi k24 atex.jpg
Piusi K33 Diesel Meter.jpg
Piusi k33 atex.jpg

K24 Digital Meter

K24 ATEX DigitalMeter

K33 Mechanical Meter

K33 ATEX Mechanical Meter

Piusi K44 Diesel Meter.jpg
Piusi K200 Diesel Meter.jpg
Piusi K400 Meter.jpg
Piusi k600 b3.jpg

K44 Mechanical Meter

K200 Digital Meter

K400 Digital Meter

K600/3 Digital Meter

Piusi K700 Meter.jpg
Piusi K900 Meter.jpg
Piusi next 2.jpg
Piusi remote display.jpg

K700 Meter

K900 Digital Meter

NEXT/2 Meter

Remote Display

PIUSI PUMPS - 12V, 24V & 220V

Piusi's range of fuel & oil pumps are available in 12V, 24V and 220V models.  The pump range is built for basic applications where fuel or oil needs to be transferred over a short distance or height.  Compact and easy to handle, the Piusi pumps are built for convenience and are great value for money.  Our technical sales staff can assist you in advising the correct pump for your application.

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Piusi E300 pump.jpg

E300 Pump

Piusi 12v Diesel Bipump.jpg


Piusi 12v Diesel BP3000 Pump.jpg

BP3000 Pump

Piusi 12v Bypass Battery Kit.jpg

Battery Kit

Piusi 220v E80 E120 Diesel Pump.jpg
Piusi 220v E80 E120 Diesel Pump.jpg
Piusi 220v Panther 56 72 Pumps.jpg
Piusi 12v EX50 Petrol Pump.jpg

E80 Pump

E120 Pump

Panther 56 & 72 Pump

EX50 Petrol Pump

Piusi 220v Viscomat Gear Oil Pump.jpg
Piusi 220v Viscomat Vane Oil Pump.jpg
Piusi drum.jpg
Piusi drum ex50.jpg

Viscomat Gear Pump

Viscomat Vane Pump

BiPump Drum Kit

EX50 Drum Kit

Piusi Cube 56 70 90.jpg
Piusi Cube 70 mc.jpg
Piusi drum viscomat.jpg

Cube 56 or 70 or 90

Cube 70 MC

AC Drum Viscomat Kit