ELAFLEX - Petroleum & Chemical Hoses

Originally started in 1923, Elaflex's range of world class industry leading products has resulted in a reputation for Quality, Long Life Products and efficient overall Cost to Company.

The product range can be broken down into the following:

  • Industrial, Aviation & Marine Rubber Hoses

  • ERV's also commonly known as Rubber Bellows

  • Fuel, Chemical & Solvents Nozzles

All of Elaflex's products are manufactured at state of the art facilities in Germany, rest assured there is a long history of precision & quality manufacturing.  The EN - European Norm - standards are adhered to in the complete manufacturing & testing process.

​Flowcon Industrial is proud to be an appointed Elaflex distributor for the following categories:

​SAT - Refueling hoses & assemblies, tank & pipe fittings, couplings and nozzles for petroleum based products, chemicals etc.

  1. ERV - Rubber expansion joints (rubber bellows) for petroleum based products, water, chemicals, foodstuffs etc.

  2. PAL - Quality hoses & assemblies for the Chemical Industry.

  3. PHARMA - Specialised hose assemblies for the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries

Marc Rubelli - Flowcon Manager | Jendrik Frings - Elaflex Sales Director Export Greg Tilley - Flowcon Director | Ulf Peemöller - Elaflex Sales Director

Ideal for the transfer of all Petroleum products in industrial as well as road & rail tanker environments.  Important to note that the rubber in our hoses is electrically conductive ensuring that the hose is not capable of generating a static charge.  All of our Petroleum Rubber Hoses are manufactured & approved to EN1761 and EN1765, and on request certified as complete assemblies to EN10204-3.1. 

When it comes to transfer of Petroleum products in a marine environment, Elaflex is the most recognised and reliable hose to get the job done without incident or failure.  All of our Marine Rubber Bunkering Hoses are manufactured & approved to EN1765, and certified as complete assemblies to EN10204-3.1.  Most marine facilities now insist on only using Elaflex due to the continued reliability and safety track record.

The global Aviation industry relies on Elaflex Aviation Rubber Hose to ensure safe and reliable fuel transfers on Aircraft refueling & defueling, as well as for use on road & rail tankers carrying JetA1 or Avgas.  All hoses are manufactured & approved to EN ISO 1825 / EN 1361 as required by local aviation authorities.  Additional test certification to EN10204-3.1 can be arranged on request.

Elaflex has a comprehensive range of chemical & solvents hoses to suit any application.  Safety & Reliability are of utmost priority due to the hazardous chemicals involved and the people that have to use them on a daily basis.  All hoses are manufactured & approved to EN12115.  Additional test certification to EN10204-3.1 can be arranged on request.