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Secu-Tech, Security & Electronic Technologies GmbH, is a global supplier of systems for the safe and efficient distribution of fuel, we are based in Austria / Europe with a global network of appointed distribution agents including South Africa.


Our systems are as follows: 

  • Overfill Prevention 

  • Cross-overfill Prevention

  • Theft Control, E-Sealing, SPD (Sealed Parcel Delivery) incl. Tracking/Mapping/Geo-Fencing/Alarm Mailing

  • Level Gauging

  • Wireless Data Transfer

To provide Safety & Environmental Protection Solutions as follows:

  • To avoid overspills and crossfills

  • To avoid explosion risks and theft

  • To reduce working time and operating expenses

  • To reduce risks and costs for our customers


Our equipment solutions cover the following markets: mineral oil, chemical, petrochemical, gas and food industries.


You're welcome to download and view our Company Overview.PDF, as well as visit our official website in the below link:

Tank Level Measurement with Data Transfer - Secu-Tank Data GSM

Secu-Tank Data GSM is an electronic level indicator and data transmitter for liquid products in an unpressurized tank.

The integrated GSM modem can transmit tank information world wide through common mobile networks.  Information transmitted includes current levels and alarm trigger levels. 

The package contains:

  • Display unit with digital level indication

  • Integrated GSM modem


The level is controlled through a measurement of the hydrostatic pressure of the tank level.  After input of the tank data into the display unit during the installation, the calculation of the measurement values is done automatically.


This is the best solution for:

  • Control of tank volumes

  • Transfer of tank contents and tank data

Transfer of the data:

  • SMS to a mobile phone or depending on the provider per mail to the data-bank, , for complete control of the site.

Necessary for use with data-transfer:

  • Prepaid or contract Sim card.

  • If Prepaid card is used you need to take care that there is always enough balance available.

  • The SIM-Card is not part of the delivery and need to be purchased locally. 

Advantages of the equipment:

  • Indication of the measured levels on the display of the digital indicator, percent age of tank volume % or level in centimeters

  • Indication of the ullage

  • Menu language in German, English and French

  • Extension of the probe wire up to 180 m

Technical Data:

  • Supply Voltage: 230 V AC 50 Hz

  • Range of Measurement: up to 25 m – according to probe

  • Tank Connection: G 1, G 1 1/2 bzw. G 2

  • Protection Class: IP30 or IP65

  • Optional interfaces: for 4-20mA, 0-5V, M-Bus, H-Protocol

  • Event message: for example message for site incident

  • Potential free relays with open/close contact: max. 250 V AC / 3,5 A

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