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Originally started in 1923, Elaflex's range of world class industry leading products has resulted in a reputation for Quality, Long Life Products and efficient overall Cost to Company.

The product range can be broken down into the following:

  • Industrial, Aviation & Marine Rubber Hoses

  • ERV's also commonly known as Rubber Bellows

  • Fuel, Chemical & Solvents Nozzles

All of Elaflex's products are manufactured at state of the art facilities in Germany, rest assured there is a long history of precision & quality manufacturing.  The EN - European Norm - standards are adhered to in the complete manufacturing & testing process.

Industries around the world trust in Elaflex that when using their products, there is minimal risk to staff as well as the operation where the equipment is installed.  

Flowcon Industrial is proud to be an appointed Elaflex distributor for the following categories:

  1. SAT - Refueling hoses & assemblies, tank & pipe fittings, couplings and nozzles for petroleum based products, chemicals etc.

  2. ERV - Rubber expansion joints (rubber bellows) for petroleum based products, water, chemicals, foodstuffs etc.

  3. PAL - Quality hoses & assemblies for the Chemical Industry.

  4. PHARMA - Specialised hose assemblies for the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries

ELAFLEX - Videos

Elaflex - Expo

Elapharm pharmaceutical rubber hoses

Elaflex - ERV Extreme Movement Test

Elaflex - Hose Kink Test

  10000+ Hose bends on TW fuel hose

Elaflex - Overview of Aviation Hoses, Fittings & Nozzles

Elaflex - Hose Burst Pressure Test

  2" Rubber fuel hose, 20 Bar working pressure

  Hose burst at +-145 Bar

Manntek - Dry Disconnect Demonstration

Elaflex / Manntek - Expo

  Cryogenic Dry Disconnects

  Breakaway Couplings

Manntek - Dry Disconnect Vessel Refueling

Elaflex - Camlock Vibration Test

  To prove Elaflex camlock arms cannot open under vibration

ELAFLEX - Petroleum & Chemical Transfer Products

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