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Dantec - Composite Hoses

Dantec is the world leader in composite hose development and manufacturing.  Major oil & chemical companies only use Dantec due to the high quality materials, manufacturing & testing that go into every composite hose.  

  • All hoses are BS EN 13765 approved and included with this is a 4:1 safety factor on burst pressure - ie. 14 bar working pressure hose will burst at no less than 56 bar

Please Note: Old standards such as BS EN 5842 of 1980 are obsolete and all previous standards have been replaced by the modern Composite Hose build standard BS EN 13765 of 2010.

If you require an industrial or marine hose with high flexibility and long term durability, then Dantec is the answer.

All materials used are of recognised and approved quality, the manufacturing and testing of the hose ensures an exceptionally strong and durable composite hose built to withstand many years of operation in industrial and marine environments.


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