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Fluid Related Industrial, Marine & Tank Products

About Us

Flowcon's 30+ year history in the petrochemical industry started in Durban, South Africa in 1987.  The company focussed on fluid related equipment for various industrial sectors with a large focus on Marine and Road Tanker applications.

Today we are proud to offer the widest range of chemical & petroleum related equipment notably including specialised hoses & fittings, bulk metering systems, rubber bellows, road & rail tanker equipment, loading arms & folding stairs.

Our success is the result of our close attention to detail and addressing our customer's key requirements.  We have built and maintained a renowned reputation for excellence in our industry as well as supply our sought after equipment & services throughout South Africa as well as most other African countries.

Let the team at Flowcon Industrial advise you on the best equipment for your application as well as ensuring a safe & successful operation moving forward.

What We Sell

Fort Vale products 2.jpg

Fort Vale (UK) is known as a manufacturer of quality, precision made stainless steel products and leads the way in innovation, design and safety whilst working closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that they manufacture the best product in its class every time.

Dantec Composite Hosee.jpg

Dantec is the world leader in composite hose development and manufacturing.  Major oil & chemical companies only use Dantec due to the high quality materials, manufacturing & testing that go into every composite hose.

Dixon tanker.jpg

Dixon (USA) products focus on the road & rail tanker market for Overfill Equipment, Couplings, Valves & Manlids.  After more than 100 years, it is not surprising to find that Dixon products are found on every continent around the world and they continue to innovate and excel in their markets.

Piusi Pumps & Meters.jpg

Piusi offers a complete, professional range of solutions for non-commercial transferring of liquids and dispensing of fuel. Our production of fuel transfer pumps, fuel distributors, flow meters and diesel fuel filters satisfy the most stringent regulations regarding safety as well as the highest quality standards.

As a world leading coupling manufacturer, Manntek offers a comprehensive range of Dry Disconnects & Breakaway Couplings to suit any liquid or gas based application including more complex ones like cryogenics.  Originating in Mariestad, Sweden, the company has 40+ years in designing, manufacturing and distributing this product range globally.  Their main focus is "No Spill Couplings" thus ensuring that Industry and Maritime operations can progress  in a safe and secure liquid transfer environment.

Folding stairs.jpg

Used to lower onto the top of Road & Rail tankers for inspection of manlids, valves etc.  Available in 3/4/5 step versions with safety cage or without, various materials and paint options also available.

Loading Arm.jpg

We offer a wide range of loading arms for various applications including Top or Bottom loading, LPG transfer & specialised Chemical transfer.  All loading arms are custom built to customer specifications and requirements.  International certifications on parts & testing also available on request.

TCS bulk meters.jpg

TCS is known throughout international markets for their high quality Piston and Positive Displacement meters.  Various local and international approvals are in place notably SABS, OIML, NMI etc.

Each flow meter is built from stock and completely assembled and tested by highly skilled members of the production team who strive for excellence in workmanship and quality.  All equipment leaving TCS's production facility is inspected that it meets the strict set quality standards.

Elaflex Hose & Fittings.jpg

All of Elaflex's products are manufactured at state of the art facilities in Germany, rest assured there is a long history of precision & quality manufacturing.  The EN - European Norm - standards are adhered to in the complete manufacturing & testing process.

Industries around the world trust in Elaflex that when using their products, there is minimal risk to staff as well as the operation where the equipment is installed.

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